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Our Vocation Stories

Sr Elizabeth Law

At the age of twenty I received from God the great gift of vocation.
I would not have entered if there was no war. I was a nurse at that time and my friend took me to SAC for refuge.I was the only nurse there and M Garre was impressed by my self giving. Later M Vittoria Garre sent an old sister to ask her what she intended to do after the war. As Ihe did not know, I was asked to pray to know what God wanted of me.

Later I had a call that Mother Provincial wanted to see me.  I was asked to join the sisters, “ be one of us”, I was very touched by mother’s loving ways.  
Thus, I presented myself at St Anthony’s Canossian Convent and was welcomed  with a Canossian embrace, by M Garre.

In 1941, I remembered there were four young ladies. My feeling was so great that I thought I had reached heaven. The novitiate was a long preparation for it was war-time. I made my first profession in June 1946.

Now, I feel very happy. I thank God for this wonderful gift to be the spouse of Jesus Christ. I am waiting to receive the eternal embrace.

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