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A Vocation to the Canossian Daughters Of Charity
When people think of vocation they often associate the following question with it - How can I contribute towards making the world a better place?

The Canossian Daughter of Charity is a woman who believes that God has called her for a purpose, to use her life in some good work with other like-minded women. We take our inspiration from the gospel and the writings of our Foundress. Both remind us that we are primarily called to love God and our brothers and sisters for the love of God.

The invitation to become a Canossian Daughter of Charity then, is not because we are worthy but because God needs full-time disciples who are prepared to be his hands, feet and voice in a world where “love” is advertised as a commodity.

"The passion of Christ reveals how his love is directed towards those who carry
the painful consequences of not knowing love or of love being exposed to the possibility of rejection." (The Canossian Charism. p.34)

Our life of service calls us to develop and use our gifts and talents for the material and spiritual needs of those we minister to. This commitment calls us to strive to find simple and creative ways of making the love of Christ a lived experience for others. It’s a journey with and for God for a better world because what one does, matters!

"A vocation to religious life, is also about one's place in life -
Where do I belong... and one's identity...
Who am I called to be?

The Canossian Daughter of Charity lives in community as she grows in a sense of belonging and “Canossian” identity within the spirit and vision of the Institute and Province. Who one becomes is important. The initial Formation period of candidates provides time, space and accompaniment to discover their own place within this vision and spirit. A study and deepening of our Rule of Life, the Vows and the message of the Gospels, within a lived experience facilitates this journey.

Stages of Vocation Discernment
In order to be sure our community is the right place for you to use your gifts and to assure that you are right for us, we use a thorough assessment process. This process will be a great help to you as part of your continuing discernment and consists of three main segments.

Stages of Vocation Discernment

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