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Our Vocation Stories

Sr Christina Yeo

When I was 10 years old and in Primary 3, I  remember a pretty Italian sister teaching our class catechism.
One day, she made us stretch our arms and asked us to look at the Crucifix. 
She said: “See how much Jesus loved you”.
And then she said: “You see that is why I left my country to come here to tell you how much God loves you”.
She continued: “It is really worthwhile coming spending your whole life to tell people how much God loves them”.

Perhaps I was not quite sure what it all meant, but in the course of time, as I saw the Sisters befriending us students and encouraging us to learn to pray and do service whether by joining the Legion of Mary or Youth Christian students, I became attracted to their way of life.

When I completed my “A” levels, it seemed quite clear that it would be worthwhile joining the Sisters on their meaningful adventure of making God known and loved, since that seemed to the most “worthwhile thing to do with my life.

 I figured, there would be nothing more important and precious, than knowing that God loves us. And so I began the journey of first discovering how much God loved me concretely.

Thank you Sr. Maria Therese Rizetti, now you can see what your simple sharing did to me.

Christina Yeo


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