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"In God's will there
is a great peace"
St Josephine Bakhita
"I desire that God may set you
hearts on fire with his love."
St Magdalene of Canossa

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Angela Ng
Janet Wang
Jessica Teo
Nailed to the cross, Jesus Christ Crucified spoke to me 29 years ago through the voice of a dying friend. A week before Holy week when I was beside the bed of a young lady in her late thirties, dying of cancer. I asked, "What would you like me to give you? Do you have a wish to make?" In a slow but stady voice, she answered, I want to be a nun." I thought she was delirious ....
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How could I best respond to Jesus' love for me?
Deep in my heart I "knew" that it would have to be through the total gift of myself and my life to him. I was also struck by the life of the Sisters, especially the Itallian missionary Sisters teaching us. What made them leave their families and their country, Italy, to come to teach us with so much love and dedication? What was their secret?...

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Aware of the commitment I made in this faith, I went to ask a priest if he could do something for me, like “de-baptise” me (if there is such a word) so that I would no longer need to go to church. He told me that once the baptismal seal was marked on my forehead, there would be no turning back. He advised me to participate in some form of church activities to know the faith community.
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